How do your Loot Chest products work?

We sell a variety of chests in many different games. What sets our chests apart from normal products is that you open them in your inventory. Each chest has many different possible items of varying rarity within. If you go to the product page of a chest by clicking product title and scrolling down to product description you can see the full range of items contained in the chest. Item rarity ranges from 5 to 1 stars with 5 stars being the most rare and 1 star being the least rare.

The specific item contained in your chest is automatically determined the moment your order is approved. The animation shown when opening your chest serves to present the already determined item in a fun and exciting way. We do not warrant that the item shown at the end of animation is correct in 100% of cases due to glitches and possible incompatibilities with certain devices, screen sizes, and resolutions. Nor do we warrant that you will get your money's worth when buying a chest when compared to buying regular products. We only warrant that the item shown when expanding the associated row in your inventory is correct.