Video chat verifications

Video chat verifications

  • Why do I need to do videochat?

In cases when purchase was not made directly by credit card/Paypal account holder to do videochat is the safest and quickest way to confirm payment authorisation with account holder.

  • Does it need any special setup on my computer?

No! No need to setup Skype or other messengers, all you need to click the videochat button below and make a brief call.

  • What are you going to ask during a videochat?

We just want to make sure that payment was authorised by account holder so we will ask few question regarding it.

  • Do you record videochats?

Yes, by starting videochat you agree that videochat maybe recorded for security reasons. We may use videochat logs in case of chargebacks and unauthorised payments. Videochats are securely stored on our database and only company managers have access to video call logs.