Phone payments

How can I pay with phone or sms on your website?

Paying by SMS or by simple phone call has grown from nothing to a billion dollar industry in just a few years. It's accessible, simple and secure. No credit cards, no bank accounts. A mobile phone is all you need. Here at RPGStash you can pay by SMS and receive your order within a matter of minutes. We support payments from many countries worldwide.We will guide you through the payment process below. Please note that it's also possible to pay by phone call. You can access the instructions ...

I could buy with my phone here before but now it does not work, what's wrong?

You have probably reached the daily, weekly or monthly spending limit imposed by your phone company. This limit varies depending on country and phone company and the only remedy is to wait. You may also have reached the 500 USD credit limit per 60 days imposed by in which case the solution is to provide us with photocopy of your phone bill and id. We will then be able to lift the limit for you. In case your phone is prepaid, make sure your balance is sufficient to complete the p...

I made a successful SMS / call but no money is charged to my phone

It may take a few minutes for a payment to go through. If nothing has happened within 10 minutes, please try again.

The phone number stated in the payment instructions does not work

The featured premium number may not be supported by your particular phone company. You can try with a different phone tied to another phone company or try to choose a different credit amount.

My country is not available via Hipay Mobile

If your country is not available in either Hipay Mobile, please contact our live chat and let us know which country you are interested in and whether you want to pay via mobile phone or landline. We will make a quick check with provider if your country can be enabled manually. Unfortunately there are a few countries that are unavailable such as USA but the vast majority can be enabled for our customers.