RotMG items, maxed packs and mule delivery

In RotMG we offer different types of services: mules, items and maxed packs. We deliver these services in different manner please check below for more information.


Mules are delivered almost instantly. You will get them on your email once your order is approved + they all will be assigned to your order, so you can come back anytime to check. It is the safest and quickest delivery we offer. Mules are also always a good deal since there is a minimum effort required from our side. 


You must contact our live help to arrange in-game delivery. Please have your email ready for pasting in the chat window. We will meet your character at an in-game location specified by the live help operator and deliver the items. 

To contact our live help, simply click on the bar saying "We are online, you can chat with us" at the lower right corner of your browser window.

Maxed packs

Maxed packs usually take longer than any of the above deliveries for a very simple reason: it takes time to deliver all of those potions to your character. Also we usually leave choice to you: if you want to get pots traded to your character or you can get potions as mules.

Please observe that we will never message your character in-game. We will only communicate with you via live help and email. It is safest that way and safety is our hallmark.

Estimated delivery times:

Mule delivery: within 5 minutes

Items delivery: within 20-30 minutes

Maxed packs: within 60 minutes

5% bonus rule:

We pay for your wait. If we are late for any reason from our side - we promise to give you a 5% bonus on the top of your order.